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Progress Report - last updated 10/1/17

Have finished the off-site documentation review. Now need to conduct a further review of documentation on-site so that more reliable conclusions can be drawn from the information.


Documentation We'd Like To Examine

We've pulled together a list below of the various documentation we would like to examine to help us form judgements about your current health and safety performance. 

  1. Staff Training Records - these would include competency frameworks (if available), along with records of all internal and external training that staff have completed.
  2. Health and safety policy statement - this needs to be the most up-do-date version that is currently in use. There is one included in the printed Health and Safety Policy you gave us, but there is also a (slightly different) one included in the employee health and safety handbook.
  3. Health and safety policy manual - as above.
  4. Emergency procedures - documented procedures detailing actions key staff would need to take in various emergency scenarios such as fire, missing pupil, severe injury or illness etc. Often referred to as Emergency Actions Plans (EAP's).
  5. Records of any drills carried out such as fire evacuation drill etc.
  6. Records of on-site inspections/checklists - these would usually consist of checklists/forms detailing check carried out on things like: cleaning standards, fire exits, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, equipment (ladders, electrical, vehicles, lifts/hoists etc.)
  7. Risk assessments - originals are needed, rather than copies, ie. we need to see the most up-to-date version of the actual risk assessment that is currently in use. If you come across some that are out of date and you wanted them reviewed straight away, that's fine - but please let us know as the fact that they were out-of-date is a key insight that will enable us to provide you with better advice and guidance going forward.
  8. Work instructions - written procedures for normal work activities. These might be referred to as Safe Systems of Work (SSW) or Standards Operating Procedures (SOP). Not every work activity is expected to have one, just the ones that involve a degree of risk.
  9. Work instructions - high hazard activities. These would be procedures covering tasks for which a Permit To Work (PTW) might be required. Things like working at height, working in confined spaces etc. Or any other activity that involved a high level of risk.
  10. Permit to work records
  11. Cleaning/Housekeeping checklists etc.
  12. PPE register and issue records
  13. Any feedback from customers/clients relating to their perceptions of health and safety, such as post booking survey/feedback forms etc.
  14. Health & Safety Improvement Plans - because of the stage you are currently at with the development of your health and safety management system, these might not yet exist. It's not a problem if that's the case, but if you do have any it would be very useful to have a look at them.
  15. Records of management health and safety reviews - as above.
  16. Staff Performance Reviews/Appraisals - or any such document  that would demonstrate that health and safety responsibilities have been allocated and that the people they have been allocated to are held accountable.
  17. Procurement Procedures - or any such documentation that would provide evidence of how the Petty Pool Trust take health and safety into account when buying services or products.